Fishing on Jasper Lake with the Normans

So in case you ever hear that there are no fish in Jasper Lake or if you doubt that what we say is true about the bass fishing in our lake, check these pics below. Notice that they are all the same people wearing different clothes on different days with some pretty nice bass and walleyes. All of these pictures were taken on Jasper Lake at Northwind Lodge. You can even see our beach and water toys in the background of some of them. Best part is, all of these pictures (and many, many more) were taken in a two week period while staying here. The Norman family are kick-butt fishermen who clearly know a thing or two about catching big bass, walleyes and catch-n-release. I have no idea how many northerns they caught, but the Normans prove that there's no shortage of fish in Jasper. Perhaps some of our other guests lack some of the skills and technique, but that's why they call it fishing and not catching. Ambition and persistance also help a lot and Jasper is a great lake to hone your skills and possibly catch far bigger fish than you'll find on a BWCA trip. Or you can sit on the beach in an adirondack chair and read a book. It's your vacation, enjoy yourself.

These represent about one third of the photos of the Norman's stay here. I'd have shown more but I figured that by now you get the picture. Arr, Arr, Arr....

Most prominent bass technique they used: Zoom Flukes in natural colors Carolina rigged & Senkos wacky worm style.

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