Kayaking At Northwind Lodge is fun for the whole family!

If you've never been in a kayak only because you've seen all of those ESPN film clips of gonzo whitewater kayakers flipping over, don't worry. That's really NOT how true kayaking is at Northwind Lodge or anywhere else for that matter. The kayaks we use are general, recreational kayaks which have big coskpits and are quite stable. The biggest fear most people have is flipping over and not being able to fall out of the kayak. That doesn't happen with our Old Town kayaks. Unless you are doing something really unusual (can't imagine what that would be), you will fall out of the kayak and float there alongside of with your lifevest on. Tipping these kayaks is also a very infrequent occurence. It's possible, but pretty hard to do because you have to literally lean back and hard to one side. Why you would do that, would be difficult to understand as well. If you just sit comfortably and normally, it's a LOT of fun whether you know how to swim or not! So relax and enjoy! A lot of our guests get so hooked on kayaking it remains a really high point of their stay at Northwind Lodge!

group kayaking at Northwind Lodge, Ely MN

Paddleboat at Ely MN, Northwind Lodge

Ely MN kayak at  Northwind Lodge

Kids in kayaks Ely MN, Northwind Lodge

We provide a bunch of kayaks for our guests who are encouraged to use them anytime they want. Our only requirements are that you:

  • Wear your PFD whenever in a kayak or paddleboat
  • Use it for only 2 hours per time so others can get to paddle
  • Put it back in the appropriate spot when through
  • Don't drag it to the water, please carry it (not too heavy)

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