Fishing is boring. Who wants to go fishing anyway? I'd rather stay home and play
with my electronic toys and gizmos. Then I can get really good at pushing buttons
with my thumbs along with shooting colorful, imaginary foes & bad guys. in the wilderness sucks. I prefer my Playstation...and my imaginary foes... sucks...

...really, really sucks...

What a crappy day it was. It's obvious.

For those of you who have more than mush for brains, this is what he (Joe, Sr.) was using
to catch that boring walleye:

This is a Salmo Hornet in Rainbow Dace color. The graphics you see here were
designed by me, your humble correspondent, Joe, Jr. Walleyes seem to really like it.

No buttons, no batteries, and you can eat the end result.

Note: For those of you who might decide to one day
leave the world of mush-brained electronic games in pursuit of an activity with actual, multi-leveled, value:
Don't put the lure into your mouth. It has hooks on it. They hurt. Bad. You eat the fish, not the lure.

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