Jasper Lake fishing spots

Fishing for Jasper Lake Summer 2006 was excellent! Walleyes were very active in May and the first two weeks of June. Northerns also bit well at the same times and as we progressed into July, smallmouth and largemouth bass were HOT! The bluegills also bit in large numbers and some really nice sized fish to boot! The fishing was such that some of guests (who could not catch a fish if you threw it to them) did very well! The entire summer was a drought up until the first week of August and then it rained cats & dogs for about 5 days. Fishing tanked. Not just in Jasper, but all over the entire BWCA until September and then it picked up a bit. It never did fully recover after the August rain, but in my opinion, it was one of the best fishing years I've ever seen! Wood Lake fishing was excellent and lake trout were hitting in Ojibway (across the road from us) on Swedish Pimples in July! Other hot lures with Reef Runner Cicadas, Salmo Hornets, Ugly Ducklings and Rapala Taildancers. This year, I'm looking forward to trying new Alex Lures and Killer Eels for walleyes/northern and northerns respectively. I think 2007 is going to be an exciting fishing year as well!


Fishing report for Jasper in 2005 was very good!  Large bass (smallies and largemouth), a wide size run  of  active northern activity, plus great sunfish right off the docks and out at the weedbeds made for an exciting summer for everyone.  Walleye fishing has been doing well with all sizes of the fish being caught from very small to large.  Fortunately, Nothwind Lodge guests have been practicing catch-and-release in greater numbers than ever before so we are anticipating several upcoming years of non-stop, excellent fishing! 

REAL FISH REPORT : We're actually able to give some exciting first hand accounts of fish populations in Jasper. For the first time ever, we've taken one of our underwater cameras - Marcum 460 VS (we sell them HERE) - out to actually test it's performance on Jasper and other lakes in the area. Snowbank lake & Tofte lake were some of our first tries with the camera and they both turned out to be dead seas. After several attempts to catch and actually see lake and rainbow trout ended up with nothing either seen or caught through the ice. Then we took the camera into Jasper. It was like looking and fishing in an aquarium! Jasper is TEAMING with fish! Smallmouth and largemouth bass of all sizes cruise the waters, marauding northerns attack vast schools of perch and our jigs, small groups of nice walleyes coast by ignoring our baits and hundreds of bluegills check out our jigs as they swim by in massive schools. The fish are finicky and not really interested in biting our baits even though we offered fresh, lively minnows. We can almost always count on seeing fish silhoettes hovering in the distance and to draw them in for a closer look, all we need to do was put on a flashy spoon. It works like a fish magnet and bass and northerns come gliding in from the distance to take a closer look. The REALLY interesting point here is that if we didn't have the camera on and were only staring at the hole in the ice, we would have concluded that Jasper Lake is dead sea or at very least there were no fish below where we were fishing. The camera proved that nothing could have been farther from the truth. Regardless of what you may or may not catch in Jasper, it is actually teaming with fish. In this case, seeing is not just believing - it is knowing!

Jasper Lake is a 195 acre lake. Northwind Lodge is the only business on the lake. There are a few private residences. Jasper appeals to families and vacationers seeking a calmer, smaller lake with opportunities for quiet fishing, kayaking, canoeing and other low-key activities. It's a great place for families seeking to get away from noise. Activities such as waterskiing and jet skiing are not allowed from within Northwind Lodge and are also generally not pursued by the other residents on Jasper Lake. It's a small, clean, beautiful lake outside of the BWCAW. It has been home to the Baltich's of Northwind Lodge since 1939.

The indicated spots suggest general fishing areas. Other unmarked areas are not necessarily devoid of fish, but if we marked everywhere a fish might be on the lake, there wouldn't be any blue showing. It's best to use this map as a general guide and expand out from marked regions in your quest for fish. Sorry, Northwind Lodge only allows registered cabin guests to access the lake on Northwind Lodge property. There is no public boat ramp and we do not allow non-registered guests to launch private boats, canoes, or kayaks from the Northwind Lodge beach. There is a public canoe portage from Moose Lake to Jasper Lake. There is no portage through Northwind Lodge property.

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