Deposit Policy for Northwind Lodge (Begins April 10, 2010)

New Guest Reservations (for current season)
Beginning April 10, 2010, all reservations require a minimum $200 per week per cabin deposit. Advance reservations for Summer 2010 will be removed from the reservation book if no deposit is in place by April 10, 2010, and that space will be advertised as vacant.

Cabin deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable in the event of cancellation (unless we can re-book the cancelled cabin). However, we can certainly try to move your week(s) around during the current summer if you have any scheduling difficulty. New reservations for 2011 will require a $300 deposit for all guests, payable at the time of reservation.

Returning Guests (For next season - Note: this denotes changes to the policy which take effect on April 10, 2010)
Many of our guests, like yourselves, have been coming to Northwind Lodge for decades; We greatly appreciate your support over the years, and we certainly enjoy having you stay with us! It’s always great to have so many familiar faces and friends visiting us year after year.

In spite of this most difficult economy, we have not raised cabin prices for two seasons now, even though our operation expenses have continued to rise. We are not raising rates for Summer 2010 either. However, we simply must implement some new deposit/reservation policies.

Both now and in the years past, many of our return-guests have “rolled” deposits that have been carried for several seasons for many prime-time summer rental weeks. Unfortunately, we have seen some of our valued return-guests cancel their reservations due to a myriad of important reasons, but reasons which are entirely out of our control. In many of these cases, our chances of renting to any new potential customers were eliminated. Last-minute bookings by new guests are unusual and infrequent at very best. Even cancellations which take place far before the scheduled week(s) are extremely problematic. We are a planned destination resort & not an overnight-style operation; Our vacation audience makes plans for stays usually several months in advance. No matter when they occur, cancellations almost always result in cabins sitting empty. We lose our opportunity to rent the vacant cabin(s) for the specified time(s), plus we also lose the opportunity to introduce our resort to other people who might also enjoy staying here. Operating a resort costs a great deal of money, and we have to minimize our uncertainties and losses in revenue wherever possible. It’s not personal; it really truly is just actual business. Please review our new policy revisions:

Policy 1: Beginning April 10, 2010, all of our guests’ current deposits for their cabins will become non-refundable in the event of a cancellation for any reason (if the cancelled cabin gets re-booked by another party, a deposit refund less a $50 administrative fee will be issued). This includes but is not limited to, illness, deaths, financial hardships, floods, fires or any other conceivable problem or situation that arises. While we may strongly empathize with any situation, we still have to operate. Also, deposits for this summer must be brought current to the required $200 per cabin per week for this 2010 season. Some of our guests have been “rolling” a $100 per week deposit for many years. If you currently have a $100 deposit, please get in touch with us to increase your deposit amount to $200 for this particular season.

Policy 2: The 2011 season will require a non-refundable deposit of $300 per cabin per week; If you decide to book for 2011 and/or beyond, the required deposit will be $300. Deposits must be received at the time of reservation. And yes, just as before, any deposit amount on fulfilled reservations may still be “rolled” to the following year when settling the current-year bill!

Policy 3: While we will no longer issue refunds for cabin reservation deposits, it is absolutely acceptable to move your reservation to another time within the same deposit-assigned season. Deposits made for the current year are no longer transferable to future years in the event of a cancellation; they are forfeited. A new deposit is then required to book a future year reservation.

Policy 4: Reservations for cabins which do not currently have a complete deposit in place by April 10, 2010 will be removed from our reservation book, and we will begin to advertise this vacancy. Summer is just around the bend; we need to have our cabins reserved and know our commitments. Please make sure your $200 per week per cabin deposit is in place!


As of April 10, 2010, your deposit needs to total $200 per week per cabin, and it will become non-refundable (unless we are able to re-book the space; $50 administrative fee applies). If you need to know what your current deposit amount is, please email us at or call us at 218-365-5489. Personal checks or credit cards are acceptable.

Cancelled reservations for the current year can be re-reserved for the following year with a $300 non-refundable deposit for the same week(s) if you are trying to retain a specific vacation time in the summer season. (See Policy 3)

While we prefer to keep things casual and dislike firm policies, it is in the best interest of our guests that we stay consistent and professional. Times and events change, and Northwind Lodge must adapt in a way that keeps us operational. We plan to stick around for the long haul, maintaining this resort as your favorite “home away from home” for many years to come!

Here’s to your good health, and we look forward to your coming up this summer!

Joe & Annette Baltich

Northwind Lodge