Two Great Day Canoe Trips you can do right from Northwind Lodge (blue dot)

These are both routes that take you through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and require that you have a day permit (no charge & reservations needed). Metal cans and glass bottles are not allowed with the exceptions of fuel containers and personal toiletries. Plastic bottles are OK, but you have to pack everything out with you.

The Wood Lake to Jasper Lake Route is diverse in terrain with all size lakes to paddle on. There are 8 portages which vary from 5 rods in length (rod =16.5 feet) to 210 rods. Paddle time to complete this route is about 8-10 hours of leisurely paddling assuming moderate weather conditions.

The Ojibway Lake to Lake One route is generally started from Lake One and paddled back to Ojibway. It's a beautiful route with different terrain than the Wood Lake loop. 5 portages ranging from 5 rods to 195 rods.

Both of these trips are moderately rugged on the portages. Please take this into account when planning this trip and talk to us for more details.


 Paddling on Jasper Lake

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