Kayaks and SUP's don't come with WIFI!
(OMG! Paddling without the electronic safety net of Facebook - can it be done?)

Kayaks and SUP's at Northind Lodge

Northwind Lodge Cabin Guests can have a great time on the waters of beautiful Jasper Lake! Just grab a kayak, put on your PFD and go! If you've never been in a kayak, you've been missing out! Contrary to all the "scary" stuff you might see on TV to make it exciting, paddling a kayak is anything but hard or dangerous. These are stable, comfortable, lake kayaks and from smaller kids to Grandma, they are stable and easy to use. We always say that it takes about 3 seconds to figure out how to paddle a kayak and about 4 seconds if you are a slow learner.

Fun At Northwind Lodge!

Stand Up Paddle Boards are a bit trickier to handle but they can offer a lot of fun from a new perspective for our cabin guests at Northwind Lodge! Basically, these are a wide, long surf board that will challenge your balance and give you a that free feeling of accomplishment and confidence once you get the hang of it!

So, do something new and fun this summer at Northwind Lodge! Sorry, SUP's do not come with WIFI and will not support Facebook. When you get on a paddle board, you will be out there without a support group of Facebook defined friends. They won't know what you are doing. It will be just you, your board, and your paddle. You'll have to venture out and be unconnected on the water in spectacular wilderness. You may find the freedom from electronic prison invigorating! Come give it a try!

Other Considerations:

  • Being "liked" on Facebook is not a requirement for having fun on the water here at Northwind Lodge!
  • Unlike Wii, paddling real water with a real paddle on a real paddle board builds muscles and makes you sleep like a baby in all this fresh air.
  • Seeing real wildlife in action and clean air trumps electronic gaming six ways from Sunday

NOTE: WIFI is available at the store for those who are hopelessly addicted. After getting wet for a while, you still can get online and tell everyone!

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