NEW! Stand UP Paddle Boards avaialble for Northwind Lodge Cabin Guests for Summer 2012.

We're making a spalsh at Northiwnd Lodge this summer with some new beach toys.
Northwind Lodge Cabin Guests have free use of our new Stand Up Paddle boards.

We're also bring in some new kayaks which will be free to use by cabin guests.

And, then there are the the new Bass Raider Mini Pontoon boats rentals with electric motors.

8 foot

10 foot

Bass Raider Day Rental Rates - Includes electric outboard, battery, PFD's.

(Day rentals are for calendar days - not 24 hours rentals)

8 Foot Raider $35 per day or $210 per week. Tax not included.
Max Capacity is 2 people

10 Foot Raider $40 per day or $245 per week. Tax not included.
Max Capacity is 2 people.

The Raiders are available for rentals beyond the boat that comes with each cabin. Substition of a Raider for your cabin boat is not available. Raiders are for personal fishing or sightseeing craft and not availablefor use as a swimming platform or other uses. Ask for more details at the Office.

Free Beach Kayaks

Beach Kayaks and SUP's are available to registered cabins guests for their first-come, first-served use, FREE of CHARGE. Sorry, these free amenity watercraft are not available for non-registered visitors to Northwind Lodge. Lodge guests may take kayaks and SUP's off lake but they must be then rented by the day. Off-lake, day rental rates available at the office. Rentals will be allowed at management's discretion. If there are a lot of people in camp who enjoy using the kayaks and SUP's, we may elect to not allow them to be taken off-lake for a particular day or time. In other words, we'll be playing it by ear with beach kayak and SUP rentals for cabin guests. These rentals are not available for non-cabin guest rentals. Wearing provided PFD's is required for using free kayaks, waterbikes, SUP's and paddle boats.